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Make a Difference: Volunteer as a Board Member at The Clay Studio - Inverness' Heart of Art and Youth Development

Are you passionate about art, youth development, and making a positive impact on the community? The Clay Studio, a beloved charity based in Inverness, is looking for dedicated individuals like you to join our esteemed Board of Directors! As a voluntary Board Member, you will play a vital role in shaping the future of our organization and supporting the growth of affordable art, creative learning, and empowering the youth.

About The Clay Studio - Inverness:
Since its establishment, The Clay Studio has been a vibrant and welcoming space, fostering the love for art and creativity in the heart of Inverness. We are unique in our focus on affordability, making art accessible to everyone in the community. Our studio serves as a nurturing hub for artists to create and exhibit their work, while our expert instructors provide top-notch clay work teaching.

However, our mission goes beyond art - we are deeply committed to youth work and development. The Clay Studio runs various impactful programs and workshops, empowering young minds, building their confidence, and providing a platform for self-expression through art. We believe that every young person deserves a chance to explore their creative potential and thrive.

Why Become a Board Member?
By joining The Clay Studio's Board, you'll have a transformative opportunity to give back to the community and contribute to a cause you're passionate about. Your leadership and strategic direction will help shape the trajectory of our charity, enabling us to continue our vital work in providing affordable art opportunities and empowering the youth. This voluntary position is your chance to be part of a team that creates a lasting positive impact on Inverness and its artistic community.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategic Planning: Collaborate with fellow Board Members to develop and execute long-term strategies that further The Clay Studio's mission of affordability, art promotion, and youth empowerment.
Fundraising and Advocacy: Actively support fundraising efforts and serve as an advocate for The Clay Studio, promoting our initiatives, and nurturing relationships with donors and sponsors.
Financial Oversight: Ensure the prudent management of the organization's finances, contributing to budgeting and financial planning processes.
Youth Program Support: Champion and support youth-oriented programs, helping expand opportunities for young people in the arts.
Community Engagement: Foster strong connections with the local community, other arts organizations, and educational institutions, enhancing the reach and impact of our initiatives.

We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds who share our passion for art, affordability, and youth development. While prior board experience is valuable, it is not mandatory. We seek the following qualities in potential Board Members:

Artistic Passion: A genuine love for art, creativity, and the belief in its power to enrich lives.
Commitment: Dedication to actively participate in board meetings, events, and contribute to the organization's progress.
Youth Advocacy: An understanding of the importance of youth empowerment and a desire to support our youth-focused initiatives.
Strategic Vision: The ability to think strategically and contribute innovative ideas to guide The Clay Studio's growth and impact.
Community Spirit: A willingness to collaborate, engage, and build strong relationships within the Inverness community.

How to Apply:
If you are excited about being a part of The Clay Studio's impactful journey and supporting affordable art and youth development, we invite you to apply for the Board position. Please see the link below for our forms and application pack:

Cover Letter: Introduce yourself, sharing your passion for art, youth development, and why you want to be part of The Clay Studio's Board.
Resume/CV: Provide an updated resume or curriculum vitae highlighting your professional background, community involvement, and any relevant experiences.

Application Deadline: 30/08/2023

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview with the current Board Members and the studio manager. Successful applicants will begin their voluntary term, making a significant difference in the lives of aspiring artists and young minds.

Join The Clay Studio - Inverness on this exciting journey of art, community, and youth development. Your involvement as a Board Member can be a catalyst for positive change and lasting inspiration. Apply now and help shape a brighter future for the artistic community and the young generation in Inverness!

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